Lost Kids

by J.T. Makoviecki



This is a four song EP recorded in the late summer/early autumn of 2015.


released November 7, 2015

The photograph is of my grandfather, Bernard Costello, and his friends in Italy 1944.



all rights reserved


J.T. Makoviecki Jackson, New Jersey

I've been making music since I could sing to James Brown and Phil Collins as a 3 year old. Ever since I've recorded however possible: tape deck, 8track, MacBook, etc. I use raw recording techniques and low-fi equipment to make music with my friends.

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Track Name: Little Bit Of Sunlight
i lost my father when i was twenty years of age
i quit school and cut my hair and ended up on stage
and as all these fears converge on me
i think about your face
a little bit of sunlight where i'm safe
Track Name: I Just Wanna Be Here With You
all my friends are going off the deep end
some are leaving town to preach out sin
some have overdosed, others came real close
some we'll never ever see again
Track Name: Worth It (Anyway)
riding down route 9
being numbed by the strobe of the passing street lights
you are by my side
no one's gonna tell catch these lovers as they slide.
through a stretch of pines
dark as the ring around the sky that's in your eyes
orange glow above
no one's gonna tell these drifters where to run
no one's gonna tell us how we're gonna love
Track Name: If You Just Hold On/Poor Boy
i wanna talk to you tonight
of things you would not say
you're in the headlights of my honda as i drive away
you work so hard for that minimum wage type check
how does it feel to be broke at the end of the summer?