Is It Too Much To Ask?

by J.T. Makoviecki



this is a straight up folk single/b side.


released March 7, 2016

cover photo by my love, Andrea Lord



all rights reserved


J.T. Makoviecki Jackson, New Jersey

I've been making music since I could sing to James Brown and Phil Collins as a 3 year old. Ever since I've recorded however possible: tape deck, 8track, MacBook, etc. I use raw recording techniques and low-fi equipment to make music with my friends.

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Track Name: Is It Too Much To Ask?
is it too much to ask?
is it too much to ask?
to put down your gun,
and take off your mask
is it too much to ask?
is it too much to ask? sing it
is it too much to ask?
to stick out your hand
and open your flask
is it too much to ask?

is it too much to ask?
the ship is sinking fast
but, old clearwater just around the bend
is it too much to ask?
God said to build an ark
and everybody laughed
the water rose
the people froze
and that’s all they said about that


is it too much to ask
to give a man some bread?
if you ignore his soul for a long long time
he’ll put a bullet in your head
i said
Noah built an ark
he sailed it on the flood
Moses had a swarm of locust
and a river of blood
that’s right


is it too much to ask
to let one live in peace?
you can move his border
a thousand times
he’ll never get relief
cause you know we stole his land
with a manifested lie
but as soon as he wants to share that dream
you wanna cage him til he dies
Track Name: Talking Meme
1. well if you wanna be cool
let me tell you what to get
you gotta make yourself a meme
and put on the internet
you gotta take a lil picture
and add a stupid phrase
spell it all wrong
its the latest craze

no grammar, spelt wrong too
almost an anti-english exercise!
go figure

2. so you get you a photo
of clinton or trump
and you edit there mouth out
and add in a rump

talk about an ass-kisser
missed his sister
face like a blister
that’s donny

3. and if the right kinda people
start sharing your meme
it’ll travel much farther
and get more mean
and people will take it and make it offensive
and it’ll put your twitter on the defensive

you’ll get a bad rap
you’ll wanna take a nap
how come all these people care so much about a jay peg?

so i took my meme
and i put it online
to see who’d scoff
and who would whine
it said
it said
it said
and people scoffed
and people laughed
some said communist
and some said “bad”

high tide in old america
the political process
so democratic
everyone allowed to insult those they don’t agree with, equally
it’s progress!

5. and when a racist word was lodged
the moderator was quick to dodge
it escalated into a contradiction
that was half history and half fiction
hundreds of comments with incorrect diction

revisionist historians…
some racist phrases with human faces…
aliens and hitler…
reptiles and antiquated societies
a debate concerning the true symbolism of the confederate flag
…. you know business as usual in 2016

6. so i decided to delete my meme
but it was late by far, it was in the stream
millions of people had shared that file
it was screaming down a river much bigger than the nile
sander’s face with a couple words
proved much louder than what is heard
so if you wanna say something that’s gonna be seen
put it in a goddam meme

it’s the damn screens
everyone’s staring at em
no one gives a damn
until it comes up on their phone

i see you, alexander graham bell!